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WooCommerce, Shopify or Custom - our eCommerce experience is diverse in offering and focused around delivering maximum ROI.

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We strive in achieving excellence when handling your eCommerce websites, here at TopWork. We are not only familiar with a range of technology partners such as WooCommerce, Shopify or Custom, Amazon and Google to deliver eCommerce projects with customer experience, but TopWork also seamlessly integrate multiple sales touch points, builds eCommerce websites that integrate with a range of CRM’s, POS and 3rd party services, and deliver quality results for our clients.

E-commerce platforms

We recognize that every eCommerce business is unique and its technological requirements will depend on the products or services they showcase. At TopWork we are able to tailor and deliver quality eCommerce systems like Shopify or Magento platforms to help boost your store. We are also expert designers and builders of  front-end frameworks for most eCommerce platforms available today.

Advanced inventory management

Although there are several standard cms inventory tools available in the market, most don’t quite meet your target audience´s needs. Managing an inventory with complex products can sometimes seem like a daunting challenge to configure correctly in a normal CMS. Our allied partner Unleashed can easily use inventory management software that feeds products onto your eCommerce platform. Unleashed possess the support of all the necessary inventory management functions that your eCommerce might require. This means that its components can be quickly and effectively added and you will have a more organized and accurate overview of you online stock and measure sales performance across multiple channels.

We proudly present our own advanced digital-marketing platforms

We have developed, are constantly developing and promoting a number of marketing platforms to increase conversion to leads and sales. We offer them in each of the plans for our customers included in the Plan’s price, with maximum functionality and customized campaigns.

All-in-one business messenger platform to boost your sales and increase customer engagement

  • Live chat
  • ChatBots
  • Landing bots
  • Meetings
  • MessengerBots
  • Multichannels

Tools that engage, re-target & convert Desktop & Mobile visitors

  • Web-Push Notifications
  • On-Site Messaging
  • Nudge Notifications
  • Widgets
  • Chats
  • Exit Tabs

Software that brings up to 125% more calls from your website visitors

  • Calls in a 25 seconds
  • Call scheduling
  • Message widget

Drive traffic to your content & contact channels from Instagram & other Social Media with multiple links connected into one Smart Page

  • Multilink micro landing-pages
  • Special purposes pages
  • Dynamic QR-code solution

QR code marketing solutions for all businesses

  • Link to any page on the web
  • Link to your social media channels
  • Share coupons and discounts
  • Share personalized contact details
  • Provide your company information
  • Collect feedback and get rated
  • Share one or more videos
  • Promote your event
  • Link to a mobile-optimized PDF
  • Get more Likes for your page
  • View your app on various App Stores
  • Show a series of photos

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